About us

Our aim is to be conscious of our actions, which is why we have laid down golden rules for all of our work:

  • Enjoy yourself!

  • Our safety and health is our top priority.

  • We speak to each other and not on top of each other.

  • We strive to create a good work atmosphere.

  • We keep our promises.

  • We sell quality.

  • Full transparency and honesty in our dealing with our partners (banks, authorities, customers, suppliers, employees).

  • Innovations – YES!

  • We work with selected partners who share the same philosophy. 

  • We make environmentally conscious decisions. 

  • We are always charming and open.

Leonhard Merckens, owner of the Hirschalm company, lives with his wife Elisabeth, their 4 children and their Magyar Vizsla dog Mia in Rainfeld, Lower Austria.

In 2014, Elisabeth noticed that many dog owners were complaining about how their dogs were not drinking enough and that there was no product on the market to remedy this.

After a period of skepticism on Leonhard’s part (because “dogs should just drink water”), he finally decided to commission a veterinarian to find out what dogs prefer to drink. Leonhard used the results in his own kitchen and carried out initial tests with dogs. The results were encouraging, as almost all of the many dogs tested chose to drink dooog instead of water, and showed an overall increase in fluid intake. They then cooperated with a university institution in Vienna that defined for a healthy, natural and environmentally-friendly production method for dooog and created prototypes.

Leonhard Merckens, Geschäftsführer von dooog

Hirschalm GmbH

Innerhalbach 2 | 3171 Kleinzell | Austria

T +43 2766 400 24  | info@dooog.at 


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